Pavement Markings

Kolbe Striping understands the importance of visible and durable pavement markings. We proudly provide the highest quality highway pavement markings, road line paint, crosswalks, bike lanes, intersection, words, letters, and symbols, just to name a few.  Pavement markings on highways, roads and parking lots are critical for directing the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They should be easy to see and clearly laid out at all times. With these tried and trusted materials and the reliance on the expertise of our team, we can help major highway construction projects, private contractors, airports, cities and counties develop and maintain safer spaces for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

  • Epoxy
    Epoxy is a durable marking that is economical, easy to place and stands up well to traffic and weather. Following the spray, a bead of your choice can be applied to enhance the markings reflectivity, including a wet reflective element that can be added to enhance reflectivity during weather. Epoxy can be applied both long line as well as a solution for intersection markings.  
  • Preformed Thermoplastic
    Preformed Thermoplastic is a trusted product as the go to in intersection pavement markings. Hundreds of different shapes and types are available to meet any need or use, including arrows, crosswalk bars, stop bars, bike lane designation markers, lettering, custom logos, and detectable warnings.
  • Preformed Tape
    Preformed tape usage has grown over the years as it stands up to traffic and weather well, while providing a reflectivity that is unmatched in the product marketplace. Preformed tape comes in several different types as well as uses, including intersection markings (turn arrows, stop bars, cross walks). It is not recommended to use Preformed tape in areas that have high traffic volumes that may be turning on the marking, or in areas where there is a lot of truck traffic.
  • Paint
    Intersections not requiring a more durable product for high traffic usually benefit from having markings placed in paint only.  Use of these products allows our clients to meet compliance requirements, while meeting the needs with an economical, yet safe application. Once the product has been placed in the specified area, beads are applied to ensure nighttime reflectivity for the safety of the traveling public, as well as the pedestrians that may use the crosswalks and markings. As these markings wear, it is important to revisit the area to ensure the marking is meeting the minimum requirements necessary for what it was purposed.
  • Airway Markings
    Kolbe Striping’s professional airfield technicians have years of experience making airfields safer for pilots, passengers, and crews. We understand the importance of clean, crisp, and highly visible airport markings at any airport facility. Through the extensive use of proven products that are FAA approved and long term experienced employees paired with industry leading equipment, we offer extensive knowledge in runway, taxiway, ramps, aprons and gates and parking layout using a variety of approved products.  Kolbe Striping can offer markings for any airport need, both large and small. 

Runway Rubber Removal

Airports require rubber removal operations to stay in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s specifications. These specs  require surfaces to allow for the appropriate level of friction for the safest operation of aircraft. Our specialized equipment, a Stripe Hog,  operates with only clean water, with no chemicals or additives. Thermoplastic, waterborne paint, oil-based paint, rubberized paint, epoxy, waffle tape, foil backed tape, and curing compound cannot begin to withstand the pulverizing force of the water jets our trucks provide.  

Traffic Control

Our traffic control specialists are licensed and certified here to protect work zones and ensure the safety of the traveling public.  Experts are equipped to set up safe, compliant work zones that facilitate optimal traffic flow for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.  We are ATSSA and CCA certified to ensure that we follow Federal Highway Administration as well as the Department of Transportation compliance standards.

Custom Applications

In addition to the usual lines on the road, Kolbe Striping also provides personalized and custom logos, signs, and designs for our anyone in need of this specialized service.  Kolbe Striping partners with vendors who will help us achieve application of specialized design markings.  Our staff has the capability to apply the any designs that you can imagine!

Removal of Pavement Markings

Removal of Pavement Markings is necessary for various  reasons and is accomplished both by our Hydro blasters and Mechanical Grinders. As construction phasing approaches, old lines need to be removed so that new lines can be easily identified and placed. Restriping projects can also occur on the same road more than once in this process, old lines build up and eventually lose their quality and need to be removed.

  • Hydro Blasting
    Kolbe Striping has three different water blasters at its disposal for any removal needs that may arise. Our Stripe Hogs are equipped to remove striping and curing compound at a high speed and pressure to clean the surface of the roadway while it also removes old product. Our other hydro blasters are equipped to remove striping and curing compound economically and efficiently.
  • Mechanical Grinding
    Our fleet of grinding equipment allows us to respond to any size job at any time to meet the needs of our clients. We are equipped with two large grinding trucks and several smaller trucks/tractors as well as hand units that are well maintained and serviced.

Let our Certified Pavement Marking Technicians come make your project the best it can look